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_________________ are friends
a) They b) He c) She d) Her
He was going to walk to school ___________ his sister.
a) he b) with c) her d) they
The boy wanted ___________ sister to walk to school with him.
a) her b) they c) there d) his
It is ___________ if he was not listening.
a) as b) was c) are d) were
________ wore boy's clothes
a) Her b) Their c) His d) He
All of them __________ going to the zoo.
a) went b) want c) always d) are
First he turned __________ the light and then turned it off.
a) in b) to c) on d) off
It is time _____________ reading.
a) to b) for c) all d) can
He _______ helping his friend rake leaves.
a) was b) were c) have d) can
_________ is time to go to bed.
a) What b) Use c) It d) Can
You can do ___________ if you have the tools.
a) for b) that c) when d) write
Please go ___________ the house.
a) with b) in c) for d) the
What _____________ your name?
a) are b) on c) is d) for
___________ and I eat cake
a) You b) Me c) Do d) How
Pop goes ______________ the store
a) to b) is c) it d) was
______________ mouse ran across the floor.
a) An b) By c) If d) A
Tom and ___________ play baseball.
a) He b) I c) Me d) Her
Bob __________ kim go to the store.
a) a b) you c) and d) was
_____________ dog is black.
a) The b) Are c) For d) Had
One _________________ you has a cat.
a) and b) of c) have d) word
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