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Legislative Branch
a) Article I b) Article II c) Article III d) Article IV
Supporters of the new Constitution
a) Jeffersonians b) Nationalists c) Federalists d) Antifederalists
To keep any one branch of government from gaining too much power, the Framers built in a system of
a) rejecting a bill. b) vetoing. c) an executive branch. d) checks and balances.
The Constitution created a government that divided powers between the national government and the states. This form of government is called a
a) nationalistic system. b) federal system. c) feudal system. d) monarchical system.
The first state to approve the Constitution
a) Rhode Island b) Connecticut c) Delaware d) Pennsylvania
What was the event in 1787 when farmers marched to the federal arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts?
a) Boston Tea Party b) Boston Massacre c) Bacon's Rebellion d) Shays's Rebellion
What Virginian gave fiery speeches against the Constitution saying it did not check the federal government's power?
a) Patrick Henry b) George Washington c) Richard Henry Lee d) Thomas Jefferson
The most distinctive feature of the United States government is the
a) separation of powers b) executive branch c) federal system d) vetoing power
The president can check Congress through
a) voting down b) vetoing c) overriding d) underriding
This Pennsylvania group organized the first antislavery society in 1775.
a) Pacifists b) Puritans c) Quakers d) Penns
The movement that spread the idea that knowledge, reason, and science could improve society was called the
a) Ideas Period b) Period of Reason c) Age of Science d) Enlightenment
Under the federal system the final authority is the
a) state government b) Constitution c) court system d) president
Essays written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay
a) The Antifederalist b) The Federalist c) The Spirit of Laws d) The Bill of Rights
A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases is called
a) depression b) inflation c) economic slowdown d) employment slowdown
America's first constitution
a) American Constitution b) Bill of Rights c) Republic Plan d) Articles of Confederation
The presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention was
a) George Washington b) Benjamin Fanklin c) Thomas Jefferson d) John Adams
The Great Compromise was suggested by _____.
a) Roger Sherman b) Benjamin Franklin c) James Madison d) Alexander Hamilton
_____ was one of two states that retained its colonial charter as a state constitution.
a) Georgia b) Rhode Island c) Maryland d) New York
A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives is called
a) a sovereignty b) a nationalistic government c) a monarchy d) a republic
Passed by the Confederation Congress, this law created a territory out of lands north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi Rivers.
a) Morris Ordinance b) Confederation Law c) Ordinance of 1785 d) Northwest Ordinance
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