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something that is helpful
a) advantage b) prospect c) shrewd d) astonish
surprise or amaze
a) astonish b) scarce c) misgiving d) confirm
prove to be true or give agreement to
a) confirm b) prospect c) torment d) typical
far away in space or time
a) distant b) host c) hamlet d) sole
person who sets up something that lasts
a) founder b) hamlet c) scarce d) parch
sink below the surface of the water
a) foundered b) shrewd c) parched d) sole
small village
a) hamlet b) sole c) founder d) host
a large number or someone who entertains guests
a) host b) prospect c) shrewd d) founder
feeling of doubt about the future
a) misgiving b) prospect c) shrewd d) distant
make or become dry
a) parch b) sole c) torment d) astonish
something that is waited or hoped for
a) prospect b) scarce c) founder d) astonish
to look in the ground for valuable metals
a) prospecting b) founder c) distant d) sole
not plentiful
a) scarce b) shrewd c) misgiving d) parch
a) shrewd b) astonish c) typical d) host
being the only one of its kind
a) sole b) typical c) host d) prospect
bottom of a shoe
a) sole b) founder c) parch d) host
flat fish that can be eaten
a) sole b) host c) founder d) shrewd
a) torment b) astonish c) misgiving d) scarce
being like others of its kind
a) typical b) sole c) host d) advantage
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