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Which is NOT a contribution of Rome
a) agoras b) domes c) arch d) paved roads
Which group helped the Romans to develop their early form of government?
a) Etruscans b) Greeks c) Phoenicians d) Carthagians
Describe the Pax Romana
a) 200 year period of peace b) 200 year period of destruction c) 100 year period of war d) 20 year period of disease
Rome reached the height of its power under
a) Octavian Augustus b) Nero c) Julius Caesar d) Caligula
Best describe the EARLY religion of Rome
a) polytheistic, similar to Greeks b) monothesitic c) gods were emperors d) no religion
Which is NOT a reason Rome fell?
a) invasion b) moral decay c) economy (money) d) death of Julius Caeser
Which emperor divided the empire in half?
a) Diocletian b) Julius Caesar c) Nero d) Caligula
advisers to consuls
a) senate b) assembly c) tribunes d) dictator
What was the significance of Rome's location?
a) protection and trade b) trade c) protection d) nice climate
voted on issues presented in the senate
a) assembly b) tribunes c) senate d) consuls
spoke demands on behalf of plebeians
a) tribunes b) senate c) consuls d) assembly
made dictator for life
a) Julius Caesar b) Tarquin c) Constantine d) Octavian Augustus
prevented branches from too much power
a) check and balances b) consuls c) assembly d) senate
served as military and civil authority
a) consuls b) senate c) tribunes d) assembly
founder/leader of Christianity
a) Jesus b) Constantine c) Julius Caesar d) Tarquin
considered the best emperor (Christian)
a) Constantine b) Augustus c) Tarquin d) Julius Caesar
Etruscan king who conquered Rome
a) Tarquin b) Jesus c) Augustus d) Constantine
1st emperor of Rome, rule gave Rome a time of peace
a) Augustus b) Julius Caesar c) Tarquin d) Jesus
The basis for the Romance Languages
a) Latin b) German c) Greek d) Hieroglyphics
What type of government began in Rome?
a) Republic b) Dictatorship c) Monarchy d) Oligarchy
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