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It ___ seem as cold this morning.
a) doesn't b) don't c) . d) ..
Most of the boys in the class ___ had pencils.
a) has b) have c) . d) ..
Tomorrow, either Joe or John ___ the garage.
a) sweep b) sweeps c) d)
The student with me in these experiments ___ Amy Jo.
a) was b) werre c) . d) ..
The car and the motorcycle ___ in the garage.
a) go b) goes c) . d) ..
Both of my rabbits like ---rabbit food.
a) his b) their c) . d) ..
One of the boys lost ___ pencil.
a) his b) their c) . d) ..
The most important thing for anybody to remember is to try ___best
a) his or her b) their c) . d) ..
Don't anyone here have change for a quarter?
a) correct b) incorrect c) . d) .
Some of the spaghetti has not been eaten yet.
a) correct b) incorrect c) . d) ..
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