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Badminton probably originated how many years ago?
a) 2,000 years ago b) 3,000 years ago c) 1,500 years ago d)
Badminton was originally played with what 2 objects?
a) Stick/Glove b) Bat/Paddle c) d)
Badminton originated in what country?
a) Europe/Asia b) North America/Canada c) South America d)
The ancient name for Badminton was this?
a) Battledore b) Battledorn c) d)
Badminton was introduced as an Olympic sport in what year where?
a) 1992, Atlanta Summer Games b) 1992, Barcelona Summer Games c) d)
There are 2 ways in which to play Badminton, what are they?
a) Single b) Doubles c) Both Single and Doubles d)
When Badminton originated the object they hit was what?
a) Bird b) Birdie c) Shuttlecock d)
A “match” in Badminton consists of how many games?
a) Best of 5 b) Best of 3 c) Both Best of 5/Best of 3 d)
A server must serve the “Bird,” which 2 ways?
a) Forehand Backhand b) Backhand Overhand c) Backhand Underhand d)
When 2 teams are exchanging hits for a number of times it is referred to as this?
a) Volley b) Rally c) None d)
If a player serves the birdie and hits the net it is referred to as this?
a) Miss b) Fault c) d)
The area between the singles line and the doubles line is referred to as this?
a) Alley b) Space c) Out of Bounce d)
In order for a team to win a “game” in the match, they have to go to how many points?
a) 21 b) 25, win by 2 c) 21, win by 2 d)
What 2 sports are incorporated into Badminton?
a) Tennis/Lacrosse b) Tennis/Volleyball c) Tennis/Ping pong d)
In Badminton the middle part of the net is at what height?
a) 5 feet b) 6 feet c) 7 feet d)
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