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works as a nurturer
a) mother b) father c) jonas d) fiona
The most important job in the community
a) receiver of memory b) committee of elders c) chief elder d) the giver
determines the assignments for others
a) committee of elders b) chief elder c) receiver of memory d) sameness
Jonas's sister
a) Fiona b) Asher c) Lily d) Rosemary
has red hair
a) fiona b) rosemary c) gabriel d) jonas
Jonas's Best Friend
a) FIona b) Asher c) The Giver d) Gabriel
works at the department of Justice
a) mother b) father c) asher d) jonas
member of the committee of Elders; he or she is elected every ten years
a) The Giver b) Chief Elder c) Receiver of Memory d) Committee of Elders
where Jonas wishes to escape to
a) release b) sameness c) Jonas d) elsewhere
kills babies that are not ready to enter the community
a) mother b) father c) the giver d) jonas
a euphemism for death
a) release b) elsewhere c) equality d) sameness
What Jonas's community attempts to achieve
a) equality b) sameness c) elsewhere d) release
annnounces assignments at the December Ceremonies
a) Gabriel b) Chief Elder c) Committee of elders d) The receiver
Has an elephant as her comfort object
a) mother b) rosemary c) Fiona d) lily
the newchild cared for by Jonas's family
a) asher b) rosemary c) gabriel d) fiona
The name of the book is
a) The Giver b) giver c) the giver d) the
The Giver's daughter
a) Rosemary b) Gabriel c) Jonas d) Fiona
Volunteers at the house of the old
a) Asher b) Fiona c) Rosemary d) Gabriel
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