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The use of symbols, measurements, and drawings promotes clear communication by providing a ______________ to express ideas
a) common idea b) uncommon language c) common speach d) common language
______________ have become invaluable in science, mathematics and technology because they speed up and extend people's ability to collect, store, compile, and analyze data
a) Animals b) Men c) Computers d) Calculators
Advances in _______________ processes can reduce cost and improve products.
a) science b) math c) biotechnology d) manufacturing
__________, including the use of robots, has changed the nature of work in most fields, including manufacturing.
a) Automation b) Construction c) Math d) Science
Computer ___________ are used to store and retrieve information.
a) output b) databases c) input d) keyboards
_______________ are ways to express ideas.
a) Symbols and science b) Symbols and math c) Symbols and drawings d) Math and drawings
_____________ is closely linked to creativity.
a) People b) The world c) Technology d) Animals
______________ has resulted in innovations to technology.
a) Creativity b) Man c) Product d) Mistakes
_______ is a creative planning process
a) Criteria b) Testing c) Constraint d) Design
Mathematical knowledge and appropriate strategies are used in solving a ______________.
a) design success. b) human challenge c) design crisis. d) design challenge.
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