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What supernatural entities existed before the gods in Greek mythology?
a) Gargoyles b) Dragons c) Cthulu d) Titans
What was the name of the Titan who seized power by killing his father, Uranus?
a) Chronus b) Zeus c) Herocles d) Achilles
Who led the battle against the Titans and became the most powerful leader of all of the gods in Greek mythology?
a) Zeus b) Ares c) Achilles d) Herocles
What Greek hero was the result of Zeus getting busy with a mortal woman?
a) Achilles b) Persius c) Herocles d) Jason
Who is attributed with unleashing all of the ills upon mankind, but also hope
a) Aphrodite b) Hera c) Pandora d) Medusa
What politcal system had its origins in the city-state of Athens?
a) Absolute Monarchy b) Democracy c) Republicanism d) Socialism
Greek Geography had a big impact on keeping Greek city-states isolated from each other. Which best describes this?
a) Greece is a large country surrounded by huge deserts and mountains b) Greece is composed of many islands with rocky, steep shorelines, many mountains and valleys c) There are large glaciers and icy rivers seperating Greece from the countries that surround it d) None of the Above
Which of the following is NOT something shared by all of the different Greek city-states
a) Common verbal language b) Common alphabet c) Similar form of government d) Similar religious beliefs and practices
Which of the following is NOT a military action associated with ancient Greece and/or Persia
a) Trojan War b) Battle of Thermopylae c) Battle of Corrigador d) Peloponnesian Wars
Which was NOT a way that the Persians treated those that they conquered...?
a) Allowed them to keep their religion b) Paid workers from conquered peoples rather than taking them as slaves c) Tortured all of the people in every city they conquered before killing them d) None of these
What was the name of the Greek leader from Macedonia who defeated the Persians
a) Alexander the Great b) Aggamemnon c) Achilles d) Persius
According to the Greek creation myth what was the only thing that existed before the beginning of time?
a) Chaos b) Darkness c) God d) Nothing
What was the name given to the thouroughfare built to support travel across the Persian Empire
a) The Royal Road b) The El Camino Real c) The Silk Road d) Route 66
What unique strategy was used by both Darius and Xerxes to invade Greece?
a) Trained Elephants and Rhinocerases were used to batter down dity walls b) Boat Bridges were built to cross the water seperating Asia from Europe c) Giant Catapults or Trebuchets were used to launch projectiles many miles across the water to bombard Greek cities d) Persian Soldiers had armor made from steel, a new material that Greek spears could not penetrate
Which of the following was NOT a Persian Emperor?
a) Cyrus b) Xerxes c) Darius d) Alexander the Great
What unique system did the Persians use to get water for use in their cities?
a) Large communal water tanks that caught the seasonal monsoon rains b) Precisely engineered underground aqueducts that carried the water over long distances from the mountains c) Wells in the mountains that were created using some of the first explosives developed by any civilization d) By domesticating camels and draining water out of their humps every day.
Adherents of Zoroastrianism who migrated to India are known as...?
a) Parsis b) Hindus c) Buddhists d) Sikhs
What modern country is located in the main portion of the ancient Persian Empire?
a) Iraq b) Turkey c) Iran d) Israel
What was the primary religion of ancient Persia?
a) Islam b) Hinduism c) Shintoism d) Zoroastrianism
The struggle between good and evil in the universe or in a person's life is know as Cosmic or Moral....?
a) Relativism b) Dualism c) Behavioralism d) Socialism
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