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A simple machine with a fulcrum, an effort arm and a resistance arm
a) fulcrum b) lever c) effort d) resistance
the point where a lever is supported
a) fulcrum b) resistance arm c) effort arm d) effort
the side of a lever you use a force on
a) lever b) fulcrum c) effort arm d) resistance
the force used on a lever
a) effort arm b) effort c) resistance d) resistance arm
the object moved by a lever
a) effort arm b) effort c) resistance arm d) resistance
the end of a lever that moves the resistance
a) resistance arm b) resistance c) effort d) effort arm
the number of times a machine multiples the effort
a) lever b) fulcrum c) mechanical advantage d) energy
a flat surface that is tilted
a) mechanical advantage b) pulley c) axle d) inclined plane
a simple machine made of a wheel and axle
a) pulley b) inclined plane c) axle d) lever
a rod that a wheel turns on
a) pulley b) axle c) fixed pulley d) movable pulley
a pulley that does not move
a) fixed pulley b) movable pulley c) moment d) pulley
a pulley that moves
a) fixed pulley b) axle c) movable pulley d) inclined plane
The turning effect on a force
a) mement b) energy c) lever d) pulley
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