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This government is ruled by a small group of citizens based on their wealth
a) Communism b) Democracy c) Dictatorship d) Oligarchy
True or False? People who have power in an Oligarchy got it because of their wealth, military strength, family connections, and political influence.
a) True b) False c) d)
What are the two categories that citizen’s responsibilities fall into?
a) Personal Community b) National Community c) Personal National d) National Local
Which type of monarchy does the king, queen, emperor, or sultan have complete power?
a) Constitutional Monarchy b) Traditional Monarchy c) d)
What country used a representative democracy?
a) Britain b) Burma c) North Korea d) United States
Which of the below is NOT one of the five government styles we learned about?
a) Communism b) Dictatorship c) Omocracy d) Democracy
This government is ruled by citizens through elected officials.
a) Democracy b) Oligarchy c) Dictatorship d) Communism
True or False? As a citizen in a democracy, you really have no real important responsibilities.
a) True b) False c) d)
When compared to the United States other countries are larger or smaller based on…
a) Physical Size b) Physical Size and Population c) Population d) Distance from one another
All of these are a citizen’s community responsibilities except for which one?
a) Serve on a jury b) Know right from wrong c) Vote d) Defend your country
What does UN stand for
a) Unlimited Nature b) United Notes c) United Nations d) None of these
a person who owes loyalty to a country and receives its protection
a) Citizen b) Monarchy c) Government d) Representative Democracy
a type of government in which a ruling family headed by a king or queen holds political power
a) Monarchy b) Government c) Representative Democracy d) Dictatorship
an organization set up to make and enforce rules for a society
a) Citizen b) Government c) Representative Democracy d) Dictatorship
a type of government in which citizens hold political power through elected representatives
a) Representative Democracy b) Dictatorship c) Citizen d) Monarchy
a type of government in which an individual holds complete political power
a) Dictatorship b) Citizen c) Monarchy d) Representative Democracy
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