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NOT a middle ear part
a) hammer b) anvil c) eardrum d) stirrup
NOT an inner ear part
a) cochlea b) hearing nerve c) stereocilia hairs d) stirrup
inner ear part for BALANCE not hearing
a) pinna b) semi circular canals c) ear canal d) eardrum
inner ear part that sends the hearing message to the brain
a) cochlea b) pinna c) hearing nerve d) semi circular canals
middle ear part that sits in the middle of the chain of bones
a) hammer b) stirrup c) anvil d) eardrum
outer ear part that VIBRATES sound waves to the middle ear
a) pinna b) eardrum c) anvil d) ear canal
inner ear part that bends like hairs when sound touches them
a) semi circular canals b) stereocilia hairs c) cochlea d) anvil
middle ear part that is THE SMALLEST BONE in your body
a) hammer b) pinna c) anvil d) stirrup
outer ear part that acts like a funnel to bring sounds down into the ear
a) eardrum b) cochlea c) ear canal d) semi circular canals
inner ear part that is spiral shaped like a snail
a) pinna b) cochlea c) semi circular canals d) hearing nerve
A middle ear part that sits next to the eardrum and VIBRATES
a) ear canal b) semi circular canals c) hammer d) pinna
An outer ear part for CATCHING sound
a) cochlea b) eardrum c) pinna d) stirrup
NOT an outer ear part
a) ear canal b) eardrum c) hammer d) pinna
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