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The repeating cycle of rocks changing from one type to another...
a) rock cycle b) water cycle c) carbon cycle d) nitrogen cycle
Which rock forms in layers?
a) igneous rock b) metamorphic rock c) sedimentary rock d) lava rock
Soil is divided into...
a) 2 soil horizons b) 3 soil horizons c) 4 soil horizons d) 5 soil horizons
The harmful addition of materials to soil, air, or water is called...
a) pollution b) sludge c) littering d) solutions
The remains of ancient organisms found in rock are....
a) amber b) dinosaur bones c) skeletons d) fossils
A unit of time measured in millions of years..
a) decade b) era c) millenium d) century
Wind, moving water, and solar energy are all....
a) alternative energy sources b) nonrenewable resources c) fossil fuels d) all of the above
The way a mineral reflects light is called..
a) mirror b) luster c) shininess d) streak
A layer of gas that surrounds Earth and protects living things from the sun is known as...
a) hydrosphere b) mantle c) ozone d) wind
A solid material in the ground made of elements is known as ....
a) rock b) carbon c) soil d) minerals
What type of rock is produced and formed by the lava from a volcano?
a) sedimentary rock b) metamorphic rock c) igneous rock d) crystal
A type of pollution caused by particles in the air is called
a) fog b) sediment c) smog d) precipitation
Which of the following is a type of fossil fuel?
a) solar b) biomass c) anthracite d) geothermal
Where would the youngest fossil be found?
a) in Antarctica b) In the topmost layer of soil c) in the deepest layer of soil d) in the oldest part of the continent
What is an aquifer?
a) an underground body of water b) a salty ocean c) a type of water treatment plant d) an artificial lake
Which type of rock is formed by heat and pressure?
a) sedimentary b) igneous c) metamorphic d) crystal
Where do people get drinking water from?
a) rivers and lakes b) groundwater from a well c) aquifer from a well d) all of the above
The best soil contains humus and holds water well. Which type of soil is best for growing crops and contains good humus?
a) desert b) prairie/grassland c) tundra d) clay
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