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what is the best site
a) this one b) bible gateway c) easypeasy d) review game zone
how big is a good size box
a) huge b) mid c) small d) tiny
what is thebest kind of blue
a) pecock b) baby c) turcouse d) blue
what is the best mark
a) 60% b) 40% c) 75% d) 99%
how big is your room
a) huge b) small c) eeennnny wweeennnnyyy d) humungus
what looks best with blue
a) yellow b) red c) green d) orange
what is the best colour of shirt
a) depens on the person b) blue c) green d) purple
what is the best colour in hair
a) red b) blue c) green d) yellow
what is the best kindof house
a) town house b) apartment c) victorian d) split
what is the best colour
a) red b) blue c) green d) purple
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