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As communities agreed to grow in 1850's and 60's jobs ______________.
a) stayed the same b) decreased c) increased d) none of the above
The Second Seminole War began because the Seminoles __________ to move to Indian Territory.
a) chose b) agreed c) refused d) none of the above
After the 2nd Seminole War only a few remaining Seminoles hid out in the _______________ of Florida.
a) everglades b) beaches c) panhandle d) woods
The Indian Territory that Andrew Jackson wanted the Seminoles to move to is located in parts of the present day ____________ and __________.
a) Georgia and Alambama b) Oklahoma and Kansas c) Georgia and North Carolina d) none of the above
After the U.S. captured the Seminole African fort the African Americans who survived were _____________.
a) made American citizens b) set free c) returned to slavery d) none of the above
The Adams-Onis Treaty gave Florida to ________.
a) the United States b) to Great Britain c) to Spain d) to France
The U.S. fought the __________________ to stop Britain from capturing American sailors.
a) American Indian War b) Treaty of Torsidallis c) War of 1812 d) Seminole War
The Seminole homes had roofs, but no _________ to adapt to the climate in Florida.
a) shingles b) windows c) doors d) walls
______________, ____________, and __________ were countries who set up colonies in North America.
a) Great Britain, France, and Spain b) France, Spain, and Germany c) Great Britain, Spain, and Cuba d) Spain, France, and Cuba
A ____________ is an official count of a population.
a) poll b) calculation c) census d)
The African settlers were sometimes called _________________.
a) slaves b) Black Seminoles c) Soldiers d) Indians
A compromise is when both sides ___________ something they want.
a) agree upon b) give up c) settle on d) none of the above
An official agreement between two countries is a ___________.
a) rule b) bond c) treaty d) none of the above
To move from one area to another is to ______________.
a) migrate b) travel c) move d) none of the above
Spain controlled Florida from ________________.
a) 1783-1819 b) 1819-1883 c) 1883-1901 d) 1901-1972
Great Britain controlled Florida in 1763 by trading control of Havana, Cuba with ____________.
a) Cuba b) France c) Great Britain d) Spain
Andrew Jackson attacked __________ which started the end to Spain's rule of Florida.
a) Tampa b) Pensacola c) St. Augustine d) none of the above
________________ walked to St. Augustine with a white flag because he wanted a truce.
a) Governor Duval b) General Jackson c) Osceola d) None of the above
__________________ named Tallahassee as Florida's capital.
a) Andrew Jackson b) Governor Duval c) Osceola d) none of the above
Great Britain divided Florida into ________ and ________ Florida.
a) East and West b) North and South c) Panhandle and Boot d) none of the above
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