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Who were the first humans in Georgia?
a) European explorers b) Paleo Indians c) Seminole Indians d) Nez Perce Indians
Georgia was important to England as a
a) Source of Gold b) Buffer Colony c) place of adventure d) tourist colony
Mary Musgrove was James Oglethorpe's:
a) Wife b) Business partner c) interpreter d) housekeeper
Taxes from this act were to help pay for French and Indian War:
a) Stamp Act b) War Powers Act c) Molasses Act d) Tea Act
People who supported Britain during the Revolutionary War were called:
a) Patriots b) Loyalists c) Men of the Crown d) Malcontents
Which Georgia hero used guerrilla tactics during the Revolutionary War?
a) Austin Dabney b) Button Gwinnett c) Elijah Clarke d) William McIntosh
The Articles of Confederation called for:
a) strong federal government b) all children to go to school c) a strong leader d) weak federal government
What land distribution system gave settlers 200 acres of land plus 50 acres for each family member?
a) land lottery b) Yazoo land system c) headright system d) fairness policy
Which form of transportation led to the growth of Atlanta?
a) railroads b) wagons c) flatboats d) stagecoaches
Who was murdered by Creek Indians for ceding all of the remaining Creek land in Georgia?
a) John Ross b) William McIntosh c) Sequoyah d) Tomochichi
Abolitionists wanted to:
a) get rid of slavery b) give women the right to vote c) limit slavery to large plantations d) feed the hungry
Dred Scott was:
a) a black Revolutionary soldier b) a slave who sued for his freedom c) a mayor of Atlanta d) a college professor
How many states seceded from the Union in the Civil War?
a) 11 b) 13 c) 8 d) 6
The first conflict of the Civil War was:
a) Battle of Antietam b) Battle of Chickamauga c) Battle of Atlanta d) Battle of Fort Sumter
President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation:
a) once the Civil War was over b) before the Civil War began c) after the battle of Antietam during the war d) after his election
What battlefield was the site of a famous speech by President Lincoln?
a) Antietam b) Bull Run c) Gettysburg d) Yorktown
What general burned Atlanta and marched his men to the Georgia Coast?
a) William Tecumseh Sherman b) Robert E. Lee c) Stonewall Jackson d) George Patton
What is the name for the period after the Civil War when the South came back into the Union?
a) Redevelopment b) Reconstruction c) Regeneration d) Restoration
After the Civil War, many freed slaves became:
a) Farm Owners b) Sharecroppers c) Household servants d) college students
Which amendment abolished slavery in the United States?
a) 13th Amendment b) 14th Amendment c) 15th Amendment d) 21st Amendment
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