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To be labeled deviant one must
a) be detected committing act b) be stigmatized by society c) both d) neither
What does SES stand for?
a) Satellite Elixir Sausage b) Socioeconomic Status c) Starwars Eventually Saves d) Socioethnic Status
What is anomie?
a) when norms are clearly defined b) when norms are not clearly defined c) when police do not use discretion d) when crimes are legalized
What is 'recidivism'
a) non-criminal behavior b) psychological cause of crime c) relapse into criminal behavior d) warrant for arrest
Which of the following is NOT a government agency that deals with crime?
a) FBI b) CIA c) ATF d) IBM
Theory that general disrepair of homes leads to increased criminal behavior?
a) broken doors b) broken dreams c) broken windows d) broken prisons
In general which of the following statements is true about crime rates?
a) rates remaining stable b) rates increasing c) rates decreasing d) rates non-existent
Which state has legalized recreational marijuana?
a) MN b) CO c) NH d) FL
Which of the following is NOT one of major theories of deviance?
a) conflict b) interactionist c) functionalist d) botanist
What is it called when race is used to arrest/search citizens?
a) racial profiling b) racial diversity c) racial organization d) racial desegregation
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