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When you tell people your (blank) which depends on the gravitation field you are near, you are telling them your (blank)
a) Weight b) mass c) d)
The gravitational acceleration due to earth is about (blank)
a) 5 m/s^2 down b) 10 m/s^2 down c) 5 m/s^2 up d) 10 m/s^2 up
(blank) is a measure of the amount of matter an object has
a) Mass b) Weight c) d)
Your (blank) depends on your location
a) Weight b) mass c) d)
The moon's gravity is 1/6th the size of earth's gravity, so your (blank) will be smaller on the Moon
a) Mass b) Weight c) Both your mass and weight d) Neither your mass or weight
Mass and weight are not the same thing, but they are (blank) proportional
a) Directly b) Inversely c) d)
The Standard International (SI) unit for mass is
a) It does not have a unit b) Pounds (lbs) c) Newtons (N) d) Kilograms (kg)
The Standard International (SI) unit for weight is
a) Kilograms (kg) b) Pounds (lbs) c) Newtons (N) d) Newtons per kilograms (N/kg)
The mass of a textbook is 0.5 kg on earth. What is the weight of the textbook?
a) 5 lbs b) 5 N c) 20 lbs d) 20 N
The weight of an anvil is 100 N on earth. What is its mass?
a) 10 kg b) 90 kg c) 110 kg d) 1000 kg
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