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If a cell contains a cell wall, which other organelle will be in that cell that is not in all cells?
a) Mitochondria b) Ribosome c) Chloroplast d) Gogli Bodies/Apparatus
Which organelle is correctly matched with the cell process it performs?
a) vacuole – storage organelle in plant cells b) chloroplast – diffusion of water in root systems c) mitochondria – support and protection for the cell d) ribosome – the “control center” of the cell
What subunits make up proteins
a) Polysaccharides b) Amino Acids c) Fatty Acids d) Nitrogenous Bases
Unlike the cell membrane, the cell wall is...
a) Selectively Permeable b) Found in all organisms c) Composed of a lipid Bilayer d) A rigid structure
What is the purpose of the Carbohydrate in a cell
a) To store and protect b) To function as the hired muscle to get things done c) Food and energy d) Store DNA
Which of the following is an element?
a) Water b) NaCl c) Chlorphyll d) Helium
Organic materials that cannot dissolve in water
a) Lipids b) Carbs c) Proteins d) Nucleic Acids
Monomers that make up Carbohydrates
a) Monosaccharides b) Proteins c) Amino Acids d) Polysaccharides
The subatomic parts found in the nucleus of the atom
a) Electrons and Neutrons b) Neutrons and Protons c) Electrons and Protons d) Quarks and Electrons
The monomers that make up Lipids are called
a) Amino Acids b) Fatty Acids c) Lippy Acids d) Nucleic Acids
Movement of water across a selectively permeable membrane
a) Diffusion b) Osmosis c) Facilitated Diffusion d) Movement
What organelle is responsible storing the genetic material?
a) Nucleus b) Gogli Bodies c) Mitochondria d) Smooth ER
What organelle manages what goes in and out of the cell?
a) Endoplasmic Reticulum b) Lysosome c) Cell Membrane d) Golgi Bodies
What organelle is responsible for the digestion of waste in the cell?
a) Centrioles b) Mitochondria c) Lysosome d) Rough ER
Bob is always tired and has no energy and is not able to play games and sports like other healthy children. He is most likely to have an enzyme deficiency or defect associated with which intracellular organelle?
a) Cytoskeleton b) Cytoplasm c) Cell Wall d) Mitochondria
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