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Translation is the process in which the mRNA transfers its message to
a) tRNA b) rRNA c) DNA d) Gametes
Which of these molecules makes up the backbone of DNA?
a) Deoxyribose b) Nitrogen c) Phosphate d) A and C
Which enzyme is responsible for adding new nucleotides to a growing nucleotide chain in DNA replication?
a) DNA polymerase b) DNA helicase c) RNA polymerase d) RNA helicase
The goal of glycolysis is to break down glucose into
a) ATP b) NADH c) Pyruvate d) Sugar
Molecules that are too large to be moved across a cell membrane by a protein molecule can be moved INTO the cell by
a) Diffusion b) Endocytosis c) Lipid carriers d) Exocytosis
Autotrophs or producers pass their energy along to whom?
a) Consumers b) Plants c) Photosynthetic bacteria d) None of the above
The process of photosynthesis begins with carbon dioxide and water. What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) Water and Sugar b) Water and Oxygen c) Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen d) Glucose and Oxygen
Which one of following does not expend energy?
a) Diffusion b) Active Transport c) Endocytosis d) Na+/K+ pump
Which of these defines the ribosomes?
a) Helps protect the cell, support and maintain the cell's shape b) Proteins are made here c) Solar panels of the cell, use light and energy to make carbohydrates d) Warehouse of cell, stores water, and maintains substances , ions, nutrients and waste
Which of these two molecules makes up a cell membrane?
a) Proteins and Lipids b) Nucleic Acids and Proteins c) Carbohydrates and Water d) M and Ms and Skittles
Which of the following is a characteristic of eukaryotes?
a) They don't have a nucleus b) They are organized c) They lack organelles d) None of the above
All organic compounds contain the element
a) Carbon b) Nitrogen c) Calcium d) Sodium
Which of the following is an example of a prokaryotic cell?
a) Amoeba b) Virus c) Bacteria d) Liver cell
Carbohydrates are made by linking individual sugars together to form long chains called
a) Lipids b) Cellulose c) RNA d) Polysaccharides
Long chains of amino acids are found in
a) Carbohydrates b) Lipids c) Proteins d) Sugars
Which of these describes that Latin root 'troph'?
a) Same b) Self c) Feed d) Not
Water is important to your body because
a) It stores heat b) It is attracted to itself c) It can dissolve many substances d) All of the above
Which of these definitions describes the Latin root 'a-'?
a) Same b) Self c) Different d) Not
Which of these statements is describing the Biology theme of homeostasis?
a) Organisms are dependent on one another in their environment b) All organisms must have the ability to maintain a stable internal environment despite changes in their external environment c) Living organisms perform chemical reactions in order to obtain and use energy d) Organisms must make more individuals in order to carry on the species
What is an independent variable?
a) The variable that you control or manipulate b) The variable that stays the same c) The variable that is the result of the experiment d) All of the above
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