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Which word means to be rude in a joking way
a) flippant b) dejected c) exclude d) somber
Which word means to be unrelated to the topic?
a) irrelevant b) hindrance c) somber d) partition
This word means stuck up or snobby
a) pretentious b) elated c) explicit d) nostalgic
This word means to say the opposite is true
a) contradict b) conceited c) concise d) consistent
This word describes the way you feel thinking about happy memories from your past
a) nostalgic b) malicious c) delinieate d) pretentious
This word means to outline something
a) delineate b) dejected c) somber d) partition
If you are sad, you may also be called
a) dejected b) elated c) delineate d) pretentious
if you try to act or look the same as others you are trying to
a) conform b) delineate c) grave d) contradict
A serious situation may be described as
a) grave b) explicit c) nostalgic d) dejected
If you leave something out you are ____________ it
a) excluding b) contradicting c) conforming d) bantering
If you are friendly, you may be described as
a) amiable b) pretentious c) conceited d) somber
If you are joking around with someone, but in a friendly way, you are
a) bantering b) conforming c) contradicting d) delineating
To be brief and to the point is
a) concise b) pretentious c) contradict d) cosoling
If you constantly do the same thing, you would be described as
a) consistent b) pretentious c) somber d) contradicting
If someone is feeling sad, they may need some
a) consoling b) bantering c) dejecting d) partitioning
Winning the lottery would probably make you
a) elated b) dejected c) flippant d) somber
When giving someone instructions, you should make them ________, so they know exactly what to do.
a) explicit b) elated c) somber d) pretentious
The wreck was a ___________ in the road making it hard to get to school on time.
a) hindrance b) grave c) contradict d) amiable
To do things just to be mean can also be called
a) malicious b) somber c) pretentious d) grave
If you need to divide a room into two rooms, you would use a
a) partition b) bantering c) delineate d) hindrance
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