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Which list includes kinds of communication technology?
a) cooking, plowing, sowing seeds b) mule cart, railroad car, airplane c) screwdriver, hammer, bulldoze d) . written language, Morse code, radio
16.0 Every energy/power technology
a) burns fossil fuels such as oil, coal or natural gas b) releases energy and makes it available to other systems c) pollutes the atmosphere in some way d) can be inexpensive to consumers if production is unregulated
17.0 E-Mail
a) is the center of a network. It is the computer which contains all the files and software for all the computers in the network b) is electronic mailing of personal letters from one computer to another c) is found on the outside of the computer. It is where you insert your CD-ROM d) . None of the above
14.0 Which technology is useful as a diagnostic tool?
a) pasturization b) prosthetics c) immunization d) medical imaging
Technological advance in the U.S. farming sector since 1950
a) has stayed still b) has grown slowly c) has grown spectacularly d) has fallen
Bioengineering is the practice of engineering to
a) enhance acoustic (sound) quality in enclosed spaces b) solve problems in biology, medicine, health, and related fields c) build earthquake-resistant structures d) wire a house for electricity
20.0 Outputs of construction technology could includes. 13.0
a) dams, bridges, houses b) skyscrapers, highways, fuel cells c) bridges, cell phones, plastic products. d) warehouses, airport runways, synthetic hormones
__________ consists of inspecting the product to ensure it meets standards and/or requirements. 12.0
a) Manufacturing engineering b) product specification c) just-in-time delivery d) quality control
What is the first step in the Engineering Design Process 11.0
a) Collect financial resources b) brainstorm c) define the problem d) gather supplies
The process humans use to develop new products to meet their needs and wants.
a) Invention b) Innovation c) Engineering d) Technology
Two crucial considerations in the design process are… 11
a) reservations and criteria b) criteria and constraints c) transportation and production d) modeling and packaging
What do engineers construct to test a new design?
a) Model or Prototype b) Market research c) Finished Product d) Theory
The process humans use to improve products to meet their needs and wants.
a) Invention b) Innovation c) Engineering d) Technology
ROM and RAM are examples of 2.0
a) Hardware b) Software c) Memory d) Output Device
3.0 What is the international network of computers, composed of WWW, email, etc.
a) Operating System b) URL c) Search Engine d) Internet
These are all forms of Cyber bullying except:
a) Sending a threatening email b) setting up a website to mock or hurt someone c) Using someone’s identification to send information or messages d) Typing a mean letter and putting it in someone's locker
The brain of the computer- the part that actually does the work.
a) Internet b) Browser c) CPU d) Input Device
Which of the following is not an example of technological change?1.0
a) Renovation b) Improved tools or operating methods c) Automation d) Computerization
The hardware that is used to pass information out of the computer. 2.0
a) Output Devices b) Search Engines c) Input Devices d) Browser
The hardware that is used to pass information into the computer. 2.0
a) Output Devices b) Search Engines c) Input Devices d) Browser
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