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average weather pattern of a region
a) air b) tornado c) climate d) weather
a great rise of sea along a shore
a) tornado b) climate c) storm surge d) hurricane
the leading edge of an air mass that is moving into an area where another mass is moving out
a) air mass b) wind c) tornado d) front
swirling storm with a very low pressure at the center
a) hurricane b) front c) air mass d) tornado
warm air moves in over a cold air mass
a) warm front b) hurricane c) front d) cold front
cold air moves in under a warm air mass
a) air mass b) cold front c) front d) warm front
a violent whirling wind that moves across the ground in a narrow path
a) front b) hurricane c) tornado d) air mass
a large region of atmosphere where air has similar properties throughout
a) climate b) front c) air mass d) weather
the amount of the sun\'s energy that reaches Earth at a given time and place
a) weather b) humidity c) convection cell d) insolation
the curving of the path of moving objects caused by Earth\'s rotation
a) convection cell b) water vapor c) relative humidity d) coriolis effect
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