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What measurements are needed to determine speed?
a) distance and time b) distance, time and direction c) mass and time d) mass and height
What measurements are needed for velocity?
a) mass and height b) gravity c) inertia d) time, distance and direction
An object which is changing its speed or direction or both is said to be -
a) balanced b) accelerating c) stopped d) equal in forces
The more mass an object has, the greater its ___.
a) speed of falling b) acceleration c) inertia d) speed
When a rocket fires its engines in space, it moves in an opposite direction of that force. This is explained by -
a) Newton's First Law b) Newton's Second Law c) Newton's Third Law d) Law of Gravity
When an object's mass increases the force required to accelerate -
a) must increase b) must decrease c) must stay the same d) must become zero
What is the force of an 5 kg object accelerating at 2 m/s/s ?
a) 7 Newtons b) 2.5 Newtons c) 10 Newtons d) 15 Newtons
In a distance vs time graph, a straight line indicates -
a) the object has stopped b) the object is slowing down c) the object is speeding up d) the object is moving backwards
How much work is done when an object is moved 10 m with 2 Newtons of force?
a) 12 Joules b) 20 Joules c) 5 Joules d) 25 Joules
Two boxes of the same mass are positioned at two different heights. Box A is at 10 m and box B is at 50 m. Which box possesses more potential energy?
a) Box A b) Box B c) Neither box d) Both are the same
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