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Anything that takes up space is known as
a) matter b) mass c) gas d) plasma
Boiling is chaning a _________ to a _____________
a) liquid , gas b) gas, liquid c) solid, liquid d) liquid, solid
Condensation changes a gas to a
a) liquid b) solid c) gas d) plasma
If a solid is changed to a liquid then this is known as
a) freezing b) melting c) boiling d) condensation
A solid is changed to a liquid during what physical change?
a) melting b) freezing c) boiling d) condensation
What is the pull of gravity that can change if someone one went to the moon?
a) weight b) mass c) pounds d) matter
What is the amount of matter that makes up an object?
a) mass b) matter c) weight d) solids
If a phases particles move very slow then this phase must be a
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
This state of matter has no definite volume and no definite shape.
a) gas b) solid c) liquid d) plasma
This phase can produce electricity.
a) plasma b) solid c) gas d) liquid
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