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Type of weathering that can also be called PHYSICAL weathering
a) mechanical weathering b) all of these c) chemical weathering d) electrical weathering
Weathering is a __________________force
a) constructive b) opposite c) equal d) destructive
________________ is the movement of weathered particles.
a) gravity b) erosion c) ice wedging d) expanding
Which type of rock can be weathered away to form sediment:
a) igneous b) all of the above c) sedimentary d) metamorphic
Which type of rock is formed by weathering, erosion, deposition, cementation, and compaction
a) igneous b) none of these c) metamorphic d) sedimentary
__________________ is a type of mechanical weathering where particles of rock grind another rock and smooth it out...(Great Sphinx being weathered by sand)
a) abrasion b) none of these c) melting d) ice wedging
Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering:
a) abrasion b) none of these c) acid rain d) ice wedging
These plate boundaries move apart, like in sea floor spreading
a) divergent b) all of the above c) transform d) convergent
Which type of plate boundaries come together?
a) divergent b) none of the above c) transform d) convergent
Type of boundary where plates slide horizontally past one another and cause earthquakes
a) convergent b) none of these c) transform d) divergent
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