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Someone born in the New World
a) Islenos b) Anglo c) Acadian d) Creole
Spanish speaking people from Canary Islands
a) Creole b) Islenos c) Acadians d) Anglo
Descendants of Africans brought to North America
a) Islenos b) Creole c) Hispanics d) African Americans
Spanish speaking people
a) African Americans b) Islenos c) Hispanics d) Creole
First European settlers in Cajun Country
a) Acadians b) Anglos c) Creoles d) Hispanics
Came to Louisiana from American colonies
a) Acadians b) Anglos c) Hispanics d) Creoles
Measures a locations distance north or south of the equator
a) latitude b) longitude c) Prime Meridian d) Equator
Makes goods or provides services
a) consumer b) producer c) supply d) demand
Buys goods or services to satisfy a need or want
a) consumer b) producer c) supply d) demand
What is Louisiana's dominant feature?
a) marshland b) Indian mounds c) Roads d) Waterways
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