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Muscovite mica will peel off in flat sheets. This is an example of the physical characteristic called ____.
a) hardness b) streak c) fracture d) cleavage
Calcite will scratch gypsum. This is an example of the physical characteristics called ____.
a) hardness b) streak c) fracture d) cleavage
The properties of being ____ make a diamond a gemstone.
a) rare and beautiful b) useful and profitable c) easy to obtain and beautiful d) rare and profitable
If the cost of separating a mineral from waste rock becomes too great, the mineral may no longer be classified as an ore. This happens because ____.
a) the mineral has lost its usefulness b) the mineral can no longer be mined at a profit c) the demand for the mineral has decreased d) the mineral is disolved in HCl
A gem is _________ and _________
a) ugly, furry b) profitable, useful c) hard, shiney d) beautiful, rare
color of a powdered mineral
a) cleavage b) streak c) fracture d) color
how light is reflected from a mineral
a) luster b) color c) fracture d) ores
the tendency of a mineral to break along a smooth, flat surface
a) ores b) hardness c) fracture d) cleavage
the tendency of minerals to break with rough or jagged surfaces
a) cleavage b) hardness c) streak d) fracture
minerals mined because they contain useful substances
a) color b) luster c) ores d) hardness
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