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If a balloon might pop in a lab, what safety equipment should be used?
a) goggles b) gloves c) ruler d) lab apron
When mixing chemicals students should always wear
a) hair bows b) goggles c) gloves d) flip flops
When observing the sky, students should not look directly at
a) the sun b) the moon c) the clouds d) the birds
Which is a safety tool?
a) a ruler b) a fire extinguisher c) triple beam balance d) test tube
Toxic cleaner spray should not be used around
a) sinks b) windows c) paper d) animals
When using a ruler in science always measure by inches
a) True b) False c) d)
A graduated cylinder measures
a) mass b) volume c) temperature d) weight
Which tool compares the mass of an object?
a) graduated cylinder b) pan balance c) meter stick d) funnel
What measures volume of a liquid?
a) ruler b) graduated cylinder c) scale d) magnifying glass
A glass or plastic container in which plants grow
a) aquarium b) graduated cylinder c) terrarium d) beaker
Glass or plastic container filled with water for fish is
a) a terrarium b) an aquarium c) a beaker d) a graduated cylinder
A tool with three beams with sliding masses
a) a scale b) triple beam balance c) compass d) beaker
An instrument that uses a lens to make tiny things look larger
a) telescope b) ruler c) microscope d) scale
Cylinder shaped glass used to mix or heat liquids
a) scale b) beaker c) aquarium d) terrarium
A container used to measure the volume of liquids
a) graduated cylinder b) beaker c) test tube d) jar
An object that bends light and is triangular
a) aquarium b) prism c) magnifying glass d) balance
Which tool protects clothing?
a) apron b) googles c) hair tie d) eye wash
An instrument that shows direction
a) compass b) scale c) ruler d) triple beam balance
Which tool is essential when protecting the eyes?
a) apron b) gloves c) goggles d) fire extinguisher
What tool washes the eyes if chemicals spill on them?
a) apron b) eye wash c) the sink d) fire blanket
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