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You assume a small move in a particular direction results in the most extreme move in that direction
a) slippery slope b) audience c) viewpoint d) cite
Having a connection with the topic being argued
a) relevance b) justify c) claim d) evidence
Who the argument is intended to persuade.
a) audience b) viewpoint c) call to action d) foretelling
A generalized belief about a group of people.
a) stereotype b) bias c) data d) opposing
The first sentence in a body paragraph that includes a subject (or fact) and an opinion/reason for the paragraph.
a) topic sentence b) rebuttal c) viewpoint d) data
Addressing why the counter-argument is not as strong of an argument as your position
a) rebuttal b) justify c) viewpoint d) opposing
Subjective statements, wording examples used by the author that make their argument unreliable
a) bias b) credible c) foretelling d) viewpoint
To prove with clear evidence
a) justify b) counterclaim c) argumentative writing d) claim
To present reasons for or against a thing.
a) call to action b) reliable c) opposing d) claim
A collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
a) data b) counterclaim c) foretelling d) slippery slope
Author's perspective or feelings or opinion about a topic
a) viewpoint b) cite c) justify d) opposing
To quote or mention
a) cite b) audience c) viewpoint d) evidence
Warning readers of possible negative consequences
a) foretelling b) cite c) stereotype d) topic sentence
To be against something
a) opposing b) argumentative writing c) claim d) bias
A challenge to a position; an opposing argument
a) counterclaim b) topic sentence c) slippery slope d) reliable
Able to be trusted in or believed
a) credible b) evidence c) claim d) call to action
Anything that tends to establish or disprove a fact.
a) evidence b) rebuttal c) foretelling d) cite
An arguable statement, which may be of fact, value, or policy.
a) claim b) topic sentence c) stereotype d) data
Writing that urges people to action or encourages change
a) argumentative writing b) justify c) claim d) rebuttal
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