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Support given during the learning process which is tailored to the needs of the student
a) scaffolding b) differentiation c) d)
A graphic novel about a student named Jin who deals with racial discrimination
a) American Born Chinese b) Persepolis c) Maus d)
An example of this is a graphic organizer
a) Technology b) Syntax c) Differentiation d)
Developing teaching materials so all students in a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability
a) scaffolding b) differentiation c) d)
A small clip that contains effective images and words related to a theme
a) collage b) graphic organizer c) digital short d)
To justify the content, approaches, strategies, and the assessment chosen
a) rationale b) scaffolding c) differentiation d) learning objectives
They are measureable and should be linked to students’ cultures/identities, personal and academic needs, learning standards, and assessment
a) rationale b) learning objectives c) differentiation d)
Students with 504 plans need
a) adoptions b) modifications c) accommodations d)
Students with IEP's need
a) modifications b) accomodations c) adapting d)
Those students who did not learn English as a first language are known as
a) Spanish b) ELLs c) Learners d)
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