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irritation; annoyance
a) adulation b) vexation c) privation d) pauper
chances or possibilities
a) paupers b) prospects c) adulations d) gamuts
without interruption
a) prospects b) privation c) adulation d) incessantly
a poor person
a) pauper b) prospects c) adulation d) gamut
crooked; to one side
a) askew b) pauper c) prospects d) disconsolate
extremely depressed
a) aghast b) disconsolate c) askew d) incessantly
an entire range or series
a) privation b) vexation c) gamut d) pauper
excessive praise or flattery
a) vexation b) adulation c) aghast d) askew
filled with shock or horror
a) vexation b) incessantly c) aghast d) gamut
How much did the Loisels spend to replace the necklace?
a) 12,000 euros b) $150,000 c) 36,000 francs d) 19 pesos
What do we find out about the necklace at the end of the story?
a) It's fake. b) It was worth a lot of money. c) It was stolen. d) Mme. Forestier had it all along.
What is the climax of the story?
a) The Loisels get invited to a party. b) We find out the necklace is fake. c) The necklace is lost. d) Mathilde and her husband work really hard to raise money to buy a replacement necklace.
What is the setting of The Necklace?
a) London b) Paris c) Paris, in the 1800s d) London, in the 1800s
Who is the author?
a) Pierre Escargot b) Guy de Maupassant c) Mathilde Loisel d) Liam O'Flaherty
What is the point of view of The Necklace?
a) 1st person b) 2nd person c) 3rd limited d) 3rd omniscient
Which is a possible theme of The Necklace?
a) Don't do drugs. b) Listen to your parents. c) It's better to give than to receive. d) Always tell the truth.
What is the main conflict of The Necklace?
a) person vs. person b) person vs. self c) person vs. supernatural d) person vs. nature
the lack of a basic necessity
a) vexation b) privation c) adulation d) pauper
Who/what is the antagonist of The Necklace?
a) Mathilde Loisel b) M. Loisel (Mathilde's husband) c) greed d) Mme. Forestier
Who is the protagonist of The Necklace?
a) Mathilde Loisel b) Mme. Forestier c) the necklace d) M. Loisel (Mathilde's husband)
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