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What the most important Jewish laws called?
a) Ten Commandments b) Eight Fold Path c) Vedicts d) Four Noble Truths
What is the most sacred book of Judaism?
a) Torah b) Vedas c) Bible d) Dead Sea Scroll
What was the diaspora?
a) The traveling of Asoka to spread Buddhism. b) The scattering of the Jews outside of Canaan. c) The wandering of Siddhartha as he searched for wisdom. d) Abraham's leaving of Mesopotamia to settle in Canaan.
Who led the Jews out of Egypt?
a) Abraham b) Asoka c) Siddhartha d) Moses
Where was Solomon's temple built and rebuilt?
a) Jerusalem b) Nepal c) Canaan d) Damascus
Which religion developed as a result of the blending of different cultures with Aryan religious ideas?
a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Christianity d) Judaism
What does the name Buddha mean?
a) the Enlightened One b) rebirth c) great teacher d) supreme meditator
Which religion helped preserve the caste system in India?
a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Judaism d) Christianity
Which religion worships dieties which represent different parts of Brahman, the universal spirit.
a) Hinduism b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Buddhism
Each person having a duty to accept his or her place in the world without complaint is called
a) dharma. b) karma. c) nirvana d) atman
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