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Who was the founder of the Hindu religion?
a) Buddha b) Moses c) Siddhartha Gautama d) no one
Who was the founder of Buddhism?
a) Moses b) Siddhartha c) Abraham d) no one
Where did Hinduism begin?
a) Asia b) Africa c) China d) India
Where did Buddhism begin?
a) Africa b) Asia c) China d) India
What answer best explains how Buddhism spread to places in Eastern Asia?
a) missionaries, trade and the Silk Road b) missionaries, schools, Asoka c) trade, Asoka, education d) Silk Road, trade, education
What is the effect of a person's actions, good or bad, on the soul called?
a) atman b) dharma c) karma d) enlightenment
What is the process of rebirth known as?
a) karma b) darma c) enlightenment d) reincarnation
What is the main religion in India today?
a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Judaism d) Christianity
Which word means the belief in one god?
a) polytheism b) monotheism c) enlightenment d) nirvana
Which religion was the first monotheistic religion?
a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Judaism d) Christianity
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