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Which event led to a bloodless overthrow of King James II?
a) Glorious Revolution b) Magna Carta c) English Civil War d) English Bill of Rights
Which of the following events established a Constitutional Monarchy when William and Mary signed this?
a) Magna Carta b) English Bill of Rights c) English Civil War d) Glorious Revolution
Which conflict was based on King Charles I wanting to exercise his absolute power over Parliament?
a) Magna Carta b) English Civil War c) Glorious Revolution d) English Bill of Rights
Which event in 1215 limited the power of the British Monarch
a) Magna Carta b) English Civil War c) English Bill of Rights d) Glorious Revolution
Which is NOT an example of a limited government?
a) Democracy b) Republic c) Absolute Monarchy d) Constitutional Monarchy
What style of economy is based on more exports than imports?
a) Mercantilism b) Feudalism c) d)
Which economy is based on princes providing protection to peasants on their land
a) Feudalism b) Mercantilism c) d)
Which is NOT an example of an Unlimited Government?
a) Totalitarianism b) Absolute Monarchy c) Constitutional Monarchy d) Dictatorship
What was NOT part of the Triangle of Trade?
a) Slaves which came from Africa b) Slaves which came from Asia c) Raw Materials which came from the Americas d) Finished products which were created in Europe
The ________ exchange was the trading of plants, animals, technology and disease
a) Columbian b) Magellan c) Da Gamman d) None of the above
Who controlled Brazil?
a) Portugal b) Spain c) France d) Britain
Who controlled most of South America, Mexico and Florida
a) Spain b) France c) Britain d) Portugal
Who controlled the original 13 colonies?
a) Britain b) France c) Spain d) Portugal
Who controlled Canada and the Louisiana Territory?
a) France b) Spain c) Britain d) Portugal
Which continent returned to isolation after European colonization?
a) Asia b) Africa c) The Americas d) Australia
Which explorer sailed around the tip of Africa to reach Asia?
a) Da Gamma b) Magellan c) Hudson d) Columbus
Which Continent was colonized to make profit and money by the Europeans
a) The Americas b) Africa c) Asia d) Australia
Which continent was colonized because of the slave trade?
a) Africa b) Asia c) The Americas d) Australia
Which explorer circumnavigated the globe?
a) Magellan b) Da Gamma c) Columbus d) Hudson
Which explorer discovered the Americas
a) Columbus b) Da Gamma c) Magellan d) Hudson
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