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a) China b) Japan c) Cuba d) Mexico
Vietnam War
a) Protests, Unpopular b) Famine c) Israel d) Progressive Era
Stop the Spread of Communism
a) Containment b) Isolationism c) Appeasement d) Neutrality
Stop the Spread of Communism, Containment
a) East Asia, Korea b) Australia c) India d) Spain
Vietnam War
a) Stop the Spread of Communism, Containment b) Japan c) Puerto Rico d) Support for Israel
East Asia, Korea
a) Stop the Spread of Communism, Containment b) Neutrality c) Appeasement d) Isolationism
Sputnik, Satellite
a) Space Agency b) LBJ c) Great Society d) China
Math and Science
a) Satellite b) Computer c) GPS d) JFK
Sputnik, Satellite
a) Math and Science b) Computer c) Chemical d) Education Guidelines
Unpopular, Demonstrations, Protests
a) Vietnam War b) World War One c) World War Two d) Korean War
a) Naval Blockade b) Send Advisors c) Air Supplies d) Military Aid
a) Naval Blockade b) Send Advisors c) Ship Supplies d) Military Aid
Naval Blockade
a) JFK b) LBJ c) FDR d) Bill Clinton
Pentagon Papers
a) First Amendment b) Civil Rights Act c) Voting Rights Act d) Thirteenth Amendment
Child Workers
a) Progressive Era b) Great Depression c) Roaring 20's d) Cold War
Vietnam War
a) Spread of communism b) Loss of military bases c) Rise of China d) Economic Sanctions
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