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Anything that has mass and takes up space is.....
a) matter b) mass c) volume d)
The amount of space an object takes up is.....
a) matter b) mass c) volume d)
The amount of matter in an object is.....
a) matter b) mass c) volume d)
Two or more things combined physically but that remain the same substance is a....
a) element b) mixture c) atom d) compound
Which separation technique separates a solid substance from a liquid or gas by passing the mixture through a porous material ?
a) sifting b) sorting c) screening d) filtration
Which separation technique separates the parts of a mixture by hand with easy to see particles?
a) filtration b) sifting c) sorting d) screening
Which separation technique separates dry mixtures of different sizes by passing the object through tiny holes?
a) filtration b) sifting or screening c) sorting d) chromatography
Which separation technique separates parts of a mixture with magnetic properties?
a) magnetism b) sorting c) evaporation d) metal
Which separation technique allows a liquid in a solution to turn to gas leaving behind other particles?
a) magnetism b) chromatography c) filtration d) evaporation
Which separation technique evaporates a liquid very quickly increasing heat and therefore leaves behind a solid?
a) evaporation b) sceening c) boiling d) filtration
Which separation technique separates dissolved liquids in a solution from each other?
a) filtration b) chromatography c) boiling d) evaporation
What type of mixture has parts that you can easily see and can be easily separated?
a) compound b) heterogeneous c) solution d) homogeneous
Which type of mixture has the same look throughout and you cannot see the different components?
a) compound b) heterogeneous c) mixture d) homogeneous
What is another term for a homogeneous mixture?
a) solution b) heterogeneous c) solute d) solvent
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