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What two churches did the Christian church split into?
a) Protestant and Catholic b) Lutheran and Roman Catholic c) Eastern Orthodox and Catholic d) It did not split
What religion developed during the Roman Empire
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Buddhist d) Christian
This emperor appointed his horse consul
a) Nero b) Caligula c) Hadrian d) Augustus
Which of the following is a reason the EMPIRE fell
a) Weak Economy b) Weak Government c) Civil Wars d) All of the Above
Set of Laws made by the Republic and displayed in the Forum. First set of written laws
a) BIll of Rights b) Justinian Code c) 12 Tables d) Constitution
An item that a country has a surplus of that they send out
a) Import b) Export c) d)
He built a large wall for defense
a) Trajan b) Hadrian c) Nero d) Caligula
The capital of the Byzantine Empire
a) Constaninople b) Rome c) Pompeii d) Naples
The open area used as a meeting place
a) Acropolis b) Forum c) Parthenon d) Colosseum
Time period of peace and stability in Rome
a) Golden Age b) Pax Romana c) There was not such time period d)
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