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What do buses, trains, and other vehicles do to people?
a) Import b) Deport c) Transport d) Export
A country that produces more of a supply than it needs will often do this with the product to make money.
a) Export b) Import c) Support d) Portable
An artist usually carries his or her original sketches on a job interview in one of these.
a) Portage b) Report c) Importer d) Portfolio
“Thank you, Marco, for carrying all of my bags so far!”What is Marco’s job?
a) Portfolio b) Porter c) Exporter d) Deporter
A pedestal that allows the heavy marble statue to be on display at the museum does which of the following for the statue?
a) Reports b) Supports c) Exports d) Imports
“Good morning, class.Today we will begin writing the facts that will share information with everyone about the different animals that live in Australia.”What will the children write?
a) Reports b) Deports c) Portfolios d) Exports
An iPod that you can carry around with you is called this.
a) Portfolio b) Portable c) Transport d) Portage
If a country does not have a particular item, they may do this to get the item into their country.
a) Export b) Report c) Support d) Import
Unfortunately, there are people who will be _____________________ if they are in the United States illegally.
a) Portage b) Deported c) Imported d) Exported
The boat was moved from one lake to another over this.
a) Export b) Portfolio c) Portage d) Deport
This is what your teacher does to you when it is time for recess and you are ready to go.
a) Remit b) Submit c) Omit d) Dismiss
You will notice that trash cans are good at doing this with odors.
a) Omit b) Admit c) Emit d) Submit
What do you call the break in a performance of any kind that allows you to go out to stretch?
a) Intermission b) Transmit c) Mission d) Admission
Which word identifies a weapon that is sent out to an enemy target?
a) Mission b) Missle c) Admit d) Emit
When you have to send something back, especially money for something that you bought, what do you do with the money?
a) Remit b) Admit c) Dismiss d) Submit
“Your writing is good, but you need to take out all of the likes that you have overused,” said Ms. Jackson.What does the teacher want the student to do to the word like?
a) Emit b) Omit c) Submit d) Admit
This word describes what astronauts go on in search of scientific information on other planets and in space.
a) Missle b) Admission c) Mission d) Dismissed
When caught doing something wrong, a smart person will do this to authority.
a) Submit b) Admit c) Omit d) Emit
At private club meetings, there is often someone guarding the door to only allow certain people on a list inside. He will do what to the listed people?
a) Submit b) Omit c) Emit d) Admit
You can send messages around the world using e-mail on the Internet. It’s one way of doing what to information?
a) Transmitting b) Admitting c) Remitting d) Omitting
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