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Which term does NOT describe a way in which heat is transferred?
a) radiation b) convection c) conversion d) conduction
The transfer of energy through infrared rays
a) radiation b) conduction c) conversion d) convection
Which heat transfer method is giving the tree the energy it needs for photosynthesis?
a) conversion b) conduction c) convection d) radiation
Vaporization occurring at the surface of a liquid
a) melting b) boiling c) evaporation d) condensation
The process of a liquid changing to a solid
a) freezing b) boiling c) melting d) vaporizing
What is a temperature at which water boils?
a) 100K b) 100F c) 100C d) 0C
To change a Celsius temperature to Kelvin you should
a) add 212 b) add 273 c) add 32 d) add 100
The change of state from a solid to a liquid
a) melting b) boiling c) condensing d) vaporizing
Water freezes at
a) 0C b) 100C c) 0F d) 0K
The average kinetic energy of the individual particles in a substance is the substance's —
a) mechanical energy b) thermal energy c) temperature d) density
The opposite of vaporization
a) melting b) condensation c) boiling d) evaporating
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