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_____________ is a program that runs on a computer to manage and control a computer's activities.
a) interpreter b) compiler c) operating system d) application
________ is a programming language compiled directly to machine code.
a) C++ b) Java c) Javascript d) Python
A compiler:
a) maintains a collection of programs b) translates source code into machine code or virtual machine code. c) tests a program's logic d) generates a binary file
Web applications: __________________________________
a) are written entirely in HTML b) must be downloaded before running c) must run within a web browser d) all of the above
In modern computer systems, a byte contains ___________ bits
a) 4 b) 8 c) 16 d) 32
______________________ translates source code into machine code and executes it one statement at a time.
a) A compiler b) A CPU c) A translator d) An interpreter
_______________________ is software that is used to accomplish a task or solve a problem.
a) An application b) An operating system c) Web code d) A JDK
The code that a programmer writes is called _______________
a) text code b) assembly code c) byte code d) source code
A bit is:
a) half of a byte b) a small amount of data c) binary digit, like 0 or 1 d) none of the above
At each step of its operation, the input to a CPU is
a) a program b) an instruction c) main memory d) a binary digit
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