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Two or more units repeated in a sequential repetition:
a) progression b) proportion c) alternation d) repetition
A category title for tracking and overseeing cleintele-building strategies is ?
a) Client Relations Management b) Client Referral Methods c) Client Retail Management d) Client Retention Methods
Any portion or part in relation to the whole:
a) form b) shape` c) design d) proportion
The standard proportion between the head and body of a woman that most artists use:
a) 1 to 5 b) 1 to 7 c) 1 to 6 d) 1 to 8
Dividing your time appropriately between your professional and personal lies is an example of what:
a) budget b) income c) balance d) procrastination
Two alternating oblongs connected by a ridge, one oblong is molded, and one is set:
a) arc curl b) ridge curl c) skip wave d) volume wave
Which design principle refers to units that are opposite, create variety and stimulate interest?
a) contrast b) repetition c) alternation d) progression
A casual and comfortable clothing style may also be described as:
a) gamine b) dramatic c) low maintenance d) high maintenance
The total amount of money you actually earned is your:
a) net income b) gross income c) discretionary expense d) variance
In which of the three levels of observation does the designer use qualitative analysis?
a) abstract b) texture c) detail d) form
What type of balance is created when the weight is positioned unequally from a center axis?
a) contrast b) proportion c) symmetrical balance d) asymetrical balance
Which of the following angles best represents low projection(elevation)?
a) 0 to 30 degrees b) c) d)
The two most common braiding methods are the 3-strand overbraid and the:
a) 9 strand braid b) French braid c) 5 strand braid d) 3 strand underbraid
Which of the following personality types makes decisions based on what is logical, and impersonal?
a) sensing b) thinking c) introverted d) structured
To allow for more control and the shrinkage factor, very curly hair should be texturized while it is :
a) dry b) wet c) damp d) processing
A term experts use to define the work rate of efficiency of work is called:
a) tracking b) stacking c) double-booking d) productivity
Which of the following hairstyling products adds shine and weight to the hair?
a) pomade b) gel c) styling lotion d) aerosol hairspray
When three- sectioning the facial area, the middle or second section includes:
a) the forehead b) the tip of the nose c) the front hairline to the middle of the eyebrows d) the middle of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose
What affects the amount of volume, lift, fullness or mass achieved in a hair design?
a) on base b) indentation c) base control d) roller control
During hair pressing, fine hair requires which of the following actions?
a) ends technique b) base technique c) Marcel technique d) ends-to-base technique
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