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Which word rhymes with star
a) boat b) barn c) far d) too
Which word is spelled correctly
a) Mrs. howell b) Mrs. Howell c) mrs. Howell d) Mrs Howell
How many syllables are in Kennedale
a) 3 b) 1 c) 5 d) 2
Which of the following is a compound word
a) cars b) jumping jacks c) raindrop d) walking
Which is a setting of a story
a) library b) Jim and Sue c) a letter d) scared of monkeys
What are the 5 W's
a) When, want, wish, watch, why b) How, What, When, Can, Does c) When, Why, Where, How, What d) When, Where, What, Why, What
What word is the opposite of clean
a) brown b) dark c) ugly d) dirty
What end mark is needed to complete this sentence? Why are we having a test
a) . b) ! c) ? d) ,
Which word mean the same as filthy.
a) dirty b) white c) ugly d) soft
Which word is spelled correctly
a) texas b) TeX c) Texas d) Texis
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