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What was the Progressive Movement?
a) All the efforts to fix the problems b) The efforts to fix the government. c) d)
What was the Temperance Movement trying to get rid of?
a) child labor b) alcohol c) d)
What did the 18th Amendment do?
a) made smoking illegal b) made alcohol illegal c) d)
What was the Labor Movement trying to improve?
a) working conditions b) schools c) d)
What was the Suffragist Movement trying to do?
a) give women the right to vote b) make factories safer c) d)
What did the 19th Amendment do?
a) banned slavery b) gave women the right to vote c) d)
What was wrong with factories in the early 1900s?
a) unsafe working conditions b) women couldn't work c) d)
What was so bad about bosses in the early 1900s?
a) they worked too hard b) they kept most of the money c) d)
What was wrong with food, like beef, in the early 1900s?
a) too much of it available b) not clean, unsafe to eat c) d)
What were the city streets like in the early 1900s?
a) full of trash and other waste b) too many cars c) d)
What was wrong with children climbing on machines?
a) not safe; they could get hurt b) they might break the machine c) d)
What is wrong with a business getting really big?
a) too many good to buy b) too much power over prices and work c) d)
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