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These colonies had very large plantations that grew rice, tobacco, and indigo.
a) New England colonies b) Middle colonies c) Southern colonies d) None of the Above
This colony group was very strict and made you promise to follow the Puritan church.
a) New England colonies b) MIddle colonies c) Southern colonies d) None of the Above
The colonial ______________ was a lawmaking body guaranteed in the charters of most of the colonies.
a) slavery b) legislation c) assembly d) tolerate
When colonists made _________________, they were making laws.
a) legislation b) slave codes c) assembly d) proprietors
The forests of New England provided the wood for the shipbuilding _______________.
a) assembly b) indigo c) industry d) legislation
_____________ were laws that set rules for slavery.
a) fundamental b) legislation c) slave codes d) slave trade
The area between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coastal Plain is known as ______________.
a) common b) plantations c) plains d) backcountry
The _____________ was the business of buying and selling people.
a) assembly b) plantation c) slave trade d) slave code
A colonial __________ was a young person who learned a trade or craft by working with a skilled adult.
a) apprentice b) convenant c) slave d) legislation
______________ are people who owe money.
a) assembly b) slaves c) apprentice d) debtors
A cash crop commonly grown in Carolina was ____________.
a) pork b) indigo c) beans d) melon
Normally one cash crop is grown on a large farm, or ___________.
a) indigo b) colony c) plantation d) backcountry
_____________ appointed the governor and ran the colony as a business.
a) slave codes b) debtors c) legislation d) proprietors
At the center of every Puritan village was a grassy area known as what?
a) backcountry b) common c) plantation d) debtors
_____________ rules are basic rules the settlers used to govern themselves.
a) fundamental b) proprietors c) slave trade d) legislation
____________ is the practice of owning people and forcing them to work.
a) indigo b) slave codes c) apprentice d) slavery
Roger Williams believed that governments should ___________ people with different religious views.
a) slavery b) plantation c) tolerate d) assembly
Puritan families signed a ______________, promising to follow the rules of the church.
a) covenant b) tolerate c) fundamental d) apprentice
These colonies had the motto, Sharing is Caring.
a) New England colonies b) Middle colonies c) Southern colonies d) None of the Above
This group of colonies was very tolerant of all religions.
a) New England colonies b) Middle colonies c) Southern colonies d) None of the Above
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