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Location of cranium
a) leg b) head c) foot d) shoulder
Bones in the spine
a) vertebrae b) tarsels c) scapula d) humerus
not enough or under
a) dia b) hyper c) systolic d) hypo
myocardio infarction
a) not enough blood flow to the myo b) a break in the cardio muscle c) heart attack d) COPD
a) cancer b) cardio problem c) an ingrown toe nail d) a tumor
a) a form of HIV b) blood c) related to the liver d) low volume
a) bones in the hand b) the kneecap c) bones in the foot d) inner ear bones
Organ sometimes removed due to acute inflammation
a) appendix b) gall bladder c) liver d) spleen
The place where digestion begins
a) stomach b) intestine c) mouth d) liver
The fastest, most fatal cancer is usually
a) pancreatic b) prostrate c) breast d) stomach
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