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Which of these is a result of Overseas expansion?
a) Emergence of the United States as a World Power b) Global competition for markets c) The United States becoming Isolationist d) The United States close the Western Frontier
Which of these were addressed in a treaty that the United States Signed after WWI?
a) Naval Arms Limitation b) Joining the League of Nations c) The Containment of Communism d) Invading China
Why did the United States Join WWI?
a) Germans resumed Unrestricted Submarine Warfare b) Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor c) The sinking of the Lusitania d) Great Britain begged us
What was the United States side of WWI called?
a) Allies b) Triple Alliance c) Central Powers d) Axis Powers
Why did the United States not want to enter WWI?
a) It was isolationist b) It was afraid to loose c) It was friends with everyone d) It was tired
What Treaty ended WWI?
a) Treaty of Versailles b) Treaty of Concord c) Treaty of Paris d) Treaty of Tea
Why did Russia leave WWI?
a) To become communist b) They were defeated c) The US joined d) They were tired
True or False: After WWI the United States became Isolationists
a) True b) False c) d)
True or False: The US came up with the idea of a League of Nations
a) True b) False c) d)
What was the League of Nations?
a) The original United Nations b) A group of superheroes c) A military alliance d) A club for dictators
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