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What is the name of the man who helped promote reading in Europe?
a) Johannes Gutenberg b) Johannes Gothum c) Leonardo De Vinci d) John Gutenberg
What do the initials EU stand for in Europe?
a) Europe Union b) European United c) European Union d) Euro Union
What religion is commonly known throughout Europe?
a) Islam b) Methodist c) Christianity d) Catholicism
What painting did Leonardo De Vinci paint that is known world wide?
a) Water Lillies b) The Mono Lisa c) The Mona Lisa d) The Last Supper
The European Union is well known for its ___.
a) conflicts among nations b) treaties with other nations c) history with other nations d) cooperation among nations
Europe has many transportation corridors, what are these corridors?
a) high speed rail systems b) main 6 lane highways c) navigable rivers d) lakes of the region
What sea contains most of Europe's oil reserves?
a) Baltic Sea b) Mediterranean Sea c) North Sea d) English Channel
The European culture has contributed to the it's buildings and churches with the help of what group of people?
a) engineers b) authors c) artists d) government
Many of the challenges in France, Germany and Great Britain come from the ____ that occupy the region.
a) societies b) cultures c) educators d) entrepreneurs
What factor of production is missing in this list: entrepreneurs, capital, land.
a) money b) natural resources c) labor d) investors
What industry is dependent on many people who live on the coast?
a) oil b) fish c) coal d) bauxite
The Euro has helped to unify the nations of Europe.
a) true b) false c) What's the Euro? d) neither true nor false
Economic interdependence is required for the economic growth of Europe. What does that mean?
a) The nations will only import needed goods. b) The nations will only export needed goods. c) The nations will depend on each other for supply and demand. d) The nations will work independently of all others.
After World War II the nations of Europe came together for what reason?
a) To plan attacks on nations that hurt their economy. b) To create the European Union c) To create the 20G society of leaders around the world. d) To establish needs from specific countries of the west.
What nations are on the Iberian Peninsula?
a) Sweden, Norway and Denmark b) Finland, Spain and Norway c) Spain, France and Italy d) France, Spain and Portugal
What country is located directly south of the U.K.?
a) France b) Spain c) Portugul d) Italy
What country is located directly southwest of Norway?
a) Denmark b) United Kingdom c) Germany d) The Netherlands
Ireland is west of what country?
a) Spain b) France c) United Kingdom d) Netherlands
What type of invention help with the many manuscripts of European history?
a) the typewriter b) the printing press c) the Gutenberg Press d) the computer
What famous painter painted the Mona Lisa?
a) Raphael b) Claude Monet c) Vincent Van Gogh d) Leonardo De Vinci
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