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Material size, density, porosity and surface texture refer to what properties
a) thermal b) physical c) mechanical d) chemical
Which properties control how a material reacts to heat or cold?
a) chemical b) physical c) mechanical d) thermal
What properties include strength, elasticity, plasticity, hardness, toughness, or fatigue
a) mechanical b) physical c) thermal d) chemical
The properties that refer to a material's reaction to light are __________.
a) optical b) acoustical c) electrical d) magnetic
How materials react to sound waves refers to what properties?
a) magnetic b) electrical c) acoustical d) optical
Acids taste ____________.
a) sour b) sweet c) bitter d) semi-sweet
Acids fall in the range of ___________.
a) 7 to 14 b) 7 c) 0 to 7 d) 14
Bases taste ________________ and are _______________.
a) semi-sweet, dry b) sweet, slippery c) sour, dry d) bitter, slippery
Bases fall in the range of _________________.
a) 0 to 7 b) 7 to 14 c) 15 to 22 d) 7
A ph of 7 is _______.
a) basic b) alkaline c) acidic d) neutral
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