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What is a kidney?
a) An organ that cleans liquid waste from the blood b) An organ that keeps blood flowing c) Where carbon dioxide leaves the blood stream d) An organ where food is stored
Where would you find your epiglottis?
a) At the top of your trachea b) At the top of your esophagus c) In your stomach d) At the end of your large intestine
Which body system is the transportation system for the body?
a) Circulatory system b) Urinary system c) Digestive system d) Respiratory system
Which of the following will the body make in greater numbers when you have an infection?
a) White blood cells b) Red blood cells c) Platelets d) Medicines
Which type of blood vessel takes blood from cells back to the heart?
a) Veins b) Arteries c) Capillaries d) Heart
Which part of a cell contains chromosomes made of DNA?
a) Nucleus b) Vacuole c) Cytoplasm d) Cell wall
Groups of bone cells in your body make up bone
a) Tissue b) Organs c) Cells d) Muscles
What makes up muscle tissue?
a) A group of muscle cells b) A single muscle cell c) A group of muscle organs d) Groups of muscle organs and nerve cells
This is the control center of the cell
a) Nucleus b) Cytoplasm c) Cell wall d) Organ
What structure connects the smallest arteries to the smallest veins?
a) Capillaries b) Air sacs c) Bronchial tubes d) Valves
Which of these systems does NOT remove a waste product from the body?
a) circulatory b) respiratory c) digestive d) urinary (kidneys)
Which shows the proper sequence through which inhaled air passes?
a) nose - trachea - bronchiole - air sac b) nose - air sac - trachea - bronchiole c) air sac - bronchiole - trachea - nose d) nose - esophagus - bronchiole - air sac
Ringed mucscle that pushes food to the stomach.
a) esophagus b) trachea c) small intestine d) large intestine
A(n) _____ keeps blood from flowing backward and makes the beating sound heard from your heart.
a) valve b) artery c) vein d) capillary
Which body system is covered with a sticky fluid called mucus?
a) respiratory b) circulatory c) digestive d) muscular
Red blood cells look like small, smooth, flexible saucers. How does their shape help them perform their function?
a) The shape helps the cells move through blood vessels. b) The shape gives them strength to pull. c) Their shape helps them cover a surface to keep out germs. d) The shape allows them to quickly send messages to the brain.
Which shows the order of organization in an animal from simplest to most complex?
a) cell, tissue, organ, organ system b) organ system, organ, tissue, cell c) tissue, cell, organ system, organ d) cell, organ, tissue, organ system
Which type of cells make up your skin?
a) flat cells b) round cells c) rough cells d) branching cells
Which is the name of a group of similar cells working together to perform the same job?
a) tissue b) organ c) system d) bundle
Which two organ systems work together to move the body?
a) muscle system and skeletal system b) muscle system and digestive system c) nervous system and digestive system d) respiratory system and nervous system
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